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Assassin talents specialize in ranged combat and stealth.

 Rapid Fire
  ||   ||  
=Crippling Shot
  || || || ||
Weakening Sickness
=Plague Shot
 Silencing Wound
 Stealth Shot
 Blurring Speed

  • Crippling Shot (skill; 1 mana) - Make a Ranged attack with reduced damage. Cripples (target cannot move) the target for 3 turns.
    • Silencing Wound (boost) - Crippling shot effect silences the target. Silenced target cannot cast spells.
  • Stealth (skill; 2 mana) - Enemies cannot roll for defense against Ranged attacks when you're in Stealth. Attacking or standing adjacent to enemy removes Stealth. Note: Enemies will still be able to see, move toward, and attack you.
    • Stealth Shot (boost) - Ranged attacks do not remove stealth.
  • Aim (skill; 1 mana) - Your next Ranged attack's Shields are converted to Double Hits. Does not end your turn. Any non-ranged action removes aim.
    • Hawk-Eyed (boost) - Aimed attacks deal extra damage.
  • Rapid Fire (skill; 2 mana) - You get another shot after a hit, up to 3 times. Second attack has 2 reduced attack dice and the third 4 reduced dice.
    • Cover (boost) - You gain one mana each turn when standing next to a wall.
    • Evasion (boost) - You gain one mana each turn when not standing adjacent to an enemy.
  • Sprint (skill; 2 mana) - You gain additional movement. Does not end turn, but you cannot attack or use talents after sprinting.
    • Blurring Speed (boost) - Misses are converted to Shields when Defending.
  • Plague Shot (skill; 2 mana) - Infects target for 3 turns. Infected enemies suffer some damage each turn. Enemies adjacent to the target during the effect are also infected.

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